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Work Experience at The Glennie School

Work Experience at The Glennie School

Work Experience Passport Program


Our work experience program aims to provide students with an opportunity to relate their school studies to the workplace.  It will give them an insight into the demands and expectations of the working world and help them to make informed career decisions by assessing their aptitudes and interests.


All girls are expected to complete 5 days of work experience across Years 10, 11 and 12. This can be completed in one block during vacation times, or as single days across the three years. This flexibility allows the girls to choose a range of experiences and get a greater breadth of career exploration. University experience days and other similar career-focussed learning activities can be included in the 5 days.


The girls are encouraged to take an active role in arranging their work experience and are asked to make contact with an employer to request placement.  When arranging your placement, you will need to ask the employer for a number of details. This form will help you gather the information about the placement that is needed for the steps below.


Once a placement has been arranged, students will need to:


1. Complete the online Work Experience Application Form. Please allow a 3-week turnaround for paperwork to be completed.


2. Sign and return the Work Experience Agreement Form (which will be emailed to you once details are confirmed).


Work experience must not be undertaken without this agreement form signed by all parties.


Click here to access an Insurance Information form for parents. Students are covered by insurance in QLD, NSW and NT.


ADDITIONAL DAYS:  If you have completed any additional days that may count towards your Work Experience Passport, use this form to record them.